Award-Winning Beef
At our steak houses, we proudly serve award-winning Beef, renowned for its superior quality and exquisite flavour profile. Celebrated for its consistency, taste, marbling, and excellence, it has earned multiple accolades over the past decade.

Sustainable and Ethical Sourcing
Sourced exclusively within the UK from Red Tractor-certified farms, our beef comes from cattle raised on a natural diet of grass and foraged crops, ensuring high welfare and sustainable practices.

Select Breeds for Premium Quality
Our beef is chosen from top breeds such as Angus, Hereford, Charolais, and Limousin. Focusing on 36-month-old steers and heifers allows us to offer meat that is tender, with perfect fat coverage and rich marbling.

Advanced Ageing Process
Our beef undergoes an advanced ageing process-hung on the bone for 7 days, aged a further 21 days off the bone, and then dry-aged for three weeks in our exclusive Himalayan salt dry agers. This method enhances flavour and tenderness, delivering an unmatched steak experience.



Quality Control
Making sure you get the best quality steak

Dry Aging
We've invested in our own dry
agers so you get the most tender and flavourful steaks

Less Waste
We haven't reared animals for waste. We are committed to using as much of the Cow as we can across our menu